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We provide innovative, high quality, ethically sourced, and affordable plant based extracts

Our range of plant-based formulas are crafted using minimal intervention techniques to ensure they function the same way they do in nature, retaining their full power and potency. 

Our Wellness Range is available to anyone interested in using natural, plant-based products to optimise their health and wellbeing. For anyone with specific healing requirements, or those seeking extra support on their journey, we recommend booking an appointments with one of our Certified Practitioners who can devise an individual treatment protocol tailored specifically for you.

* Please note that our 'Practitioner Only Range' contains high potency ingredients and can only be sold to those who have a had a consultation with one of our Qualified Practitioners.

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Our Nutritional Cell Food Concentrates are formulated using local and wildcrafted plants ensuring they are free from pesticides and contaminants. Plant medicines contain hundreds of active compounds that work together to produce stronger therapeutic effects than they would on their own. This is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’ and it’s why we will never, ever use isolated extracts. Our full spectrum extraction method preserves all the terpenes and flavonoids in the perfect balance, just as Mother Nature intended!

Our product range includes


Our full spectrum extracts are preserved in high quality carrier oils to deliver all the therapeutic benefits of the plant in a convenient oral formulation. Our product range includes a variety of whole plant formulas. Formulas are categorised as Low, Mid or High Concentrate.



Hydro Atomiser Solutions are a unique emulsion of oil and mineralised water infused with carefully selected botanicals. These formulas assist with cellular communication, detoxification, uptake of nutrients and balancing of the body’s innate immune system. Their unique ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier makes them useful for the treatment of migraines, seizures, brain inflammation, breathing difficulties & other conditions.



In alignment with our philosophy on eating natural, health promoting foods, all of our edibles are made using premium plant based ingredients, and are gluten and preservative free. Edibles have the longest onset time as they must pass through your digestive system before taking effect. They do, however, tend to last the longest. When you take any edible, including capsules, or any oil added to food or drinks, allow at least 2 hours to feel its effects before taking any more.



Our skin, the largest organ in our body, is covered with cannabinoid receptors. When topicals are used, the active compounds are absorbed through the skin to enhance and support our body’s endocannabinoid system. Hemp infused oils, creams and balms make great skincare products and potent first-aid treatments. Because they are anti-inflammatory, they can be extremely soothing for irritated skin. Topicals are useful for a variety of conditions because they offer localised symptom relief without any psychoactive effects.



Natural Lore Wellness Teas are formulated by hand to preserve the high frequency of each individual herb in the blend. Their unique range of Essence Formulas have been developed by infusing their Herbal Tea range in the highest quality MCT Oil, to deliver the benefits of each blend in a convenient oral tincture. These products can be used on their own as daily tonics for health and wellbeing, or in conjunction with our other Formulas to enhance their therapeutic effects.



Just like us, our pets have their own Endocannabinoid System that regulates bodily functions including pain, inflammation, memory, mood, sleep and appetite. We have a range of mild, full-spectrum products designed specifically for animals in order to bring their body back into balance and stimulate its natural capacity for healing.



We also offer a carefully curated selection of dietary, nutritional, and cosmetic products from like-minded suppliers to support you on your journey towards health and healing.

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