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Some of our favourite resources on plant medicines and healing

Please take the time to watch them, preferably with loved ones or carers who are supporting you on your journey.  We encourage you to undertake your own research and educate yourself about your body, and your health situation, so that you feel empowered to take your healing into your own hands. 

The Truth About Hemp And Cannabis

A playlist of 29 important videos

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The Endocannabinoid System 5 Part Series

10 Questions to ask your Oncologist

Dr Peter Glidden

1. Does the therapy you’re recommending cure my cancer?
2. What causes my cancer?
3. If the treatment you’re recommending doesn’t cure my cancer, what can I expect?
4. What side effects from the treatment can I expect?
5. Can the treatment give me cancer?
6. How are you going to manage the side effects of the treatment if they happen?
7. What’s going to happen to the quality of my life while I’m undergoing this treatment?
8. How much are you going to profit from this treatment?
9. How much is the hospital going to profit from this treatment?
10. Can I talk to 5 different patients in my same demographic, with the same Cancer, who had the same treatment, to see how they’re doing?

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