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This is a limited release version of the Amazon bestseller book that chronicles the latest stage of the inexorable advance of the paedophile agenda in Australia.

Ordinary decent Australians love their children, and abhor those who sexually abuse them.

Without discussion or publicity, child rape has been decriminalised. It is now effectively impossible to prosecute the crime of incest. Convictions are rare and sentences are lenient. Paedophilia has been recharacterised as a legitimate sexual preference and paedophiles may apply for disability funding in Australia. Children are being sexualised in schools. Loved, well cared for children are being torn from their loving, caring, competent parents and given over to people who the children have identified as their abusers. This is carefully hidden by court orders and gagging orders.

Most ordinary Australians are completely unaware of this. Powerful, wealthy, highly placed people have driven this agenda which feeds the multibillion-dollar industry of child trafficking and pornography. Australians who oppose this are killed, persecuted, and forced into hiding after having their lives destroyed.

The defendants in the Operation Noetic prosecution are being prosecuted for the simple act of protecting children.

This upcoming trial will be the final chapter of a masterpiece of blatant misuse of the law, and will bring the corrupt police, and the men who are identified by the children as their abusers to testify in open court.

They will all be under oath.

The actions of the officers of the Law Courts will be under huge legal scrutiny, and will have to adhere strictly to the laws of Australia.

The safety of all children hangs in the balance. Parents stand to lose the right to protect their children.

Everybody Knows - William Russell Massingham Pridgeon

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