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Our Story

In 2014, we founded the first Plant Medicine Church of its kind in Australia, providing life-changing care and support to those in need.

Our story began back in 2010 when our founders,  inspired by the power of herbal medicine, embarked on a mission to share the power of these ancient botanical allies with the Newcastle community. 

It was here, at this herbal apothecary, that we first learned about the healing power of plants and it became our life's mission to share these safe, effective and affordable natural remedies that could help the growing number of people struggling with intractable health conditions.

Through our associated Ubuntu Wellness Clinic, we continue to provide much needed holistic support to patients and their families, challenged by conditions such as as cancer, leukemia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and other significant health conditions.

We have dedicated our lives to exploring the potential of the botanical kingdom and unlocking the secrets of its ancient healing powers. We are committed to providing natural remedies for physical, mental, and emotional well-being, so that you can feel connected to nature and your highest self.


Today, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of high quality plant-based products designed to help you find balance and harmony and live your best life. Our mission is to help you unlock your own inner wisdom and empower yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life. 


We believe the journey to wellbeing requires a like minded community, we work diligently to connect our clients to consultants and other groups best suited for their personal needs. We encourage all individuals to first accept self responsibility for their health.

We believe in the power of nature to heal and restore. We are passionate about sharing the healing power of plants with the world and creating a healthier future for generations to come. 

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Image by Neal E. Johnson
Image by Kristina Litvjak

"Ubuntu is the essence of being a person. It means we are people through other poeple. We cannot be fully human alone. We are made for interdependence, we are made for family. When you have ubuntu, you embrace others. You are generous, compassionate. If the world had more ubuntu, we would not have war. We would not have this huge gap between the rich and poor. You are rich so that can make up what is lacking for others. You are powerful so that you can help the weak, just as a mother or father helps theri children. This is God's dream".

~ Bishop Desmond Tutu
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